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Mission Rtanj <Reality> consists of training and competition in cultural content, sports and combat arts, filmed and broadcasted in a direct and also postponed TV and internet transmission, in the form of reality happening.


The Concept of the Competition

The training and competition consist of two mixed contesting crews (men and women) from various countries. Parallel to the contest between two crews there is a competition within each team itself.

Each crew consists of 31 competitors <warriors>. Each day there is an appraisement by the judges, as well as by viewers via telephone calls, SMS messages, and internet.

The Concept of the competition

Besides Mt Rtanj base, lesser part of the training and competition will take place on some other places in the vicinity, such as Lake Bovan, Mt Ozren, Sokobanja SPA, Jagodina, vicinity of historical town of Zaječar, Bor, Bor Lake, Knjaževac (Prince town), and Old Mountain, where participants, guests and viewers will have an opportunity to learn about the great tourist and development potential of these municipalities.

Tech part: The Base and other destinations are covered by modern broadcasting and recording equipment in order to assure the highest possible broadcasting quality, in accordance with top technical standards today, and will assure smooth recording throughout all 24 hours.

From February 01, 2019, till June 09, 2019, Mission Rtanj Daily Show will be broadcasted, recorded, and relayed in several countries by cable and internet, where viewers will have an opportunity to directly participate and also comment via SMS messages. There is an option for favorable advertising with the production.

Details of the competition

Contestants of the EAST crew come from following countries:

Russia, China, India, Japan, Serbia, Belarus, Brazil, Mexico, African and Eurasian countries

Contestants of the WEST crew come from following countries:

France, Canada, Germany, USA, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro

Training and competition involve following programs:
  • Airsoft disciplines
  • Bow and Arrow
  • Knife
  • Climbing
  • River Forcing
  • Water Diving
  • Free Diving
  • Parachute training and Skydiving (optional)
  • Survival
  • Azimuth Navigation
  • Airsoft Bomb – EAST and WEST Challenge
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Other


Culture and Education activities will take place daily, regarding nature, history and tourist potentials of Rtanj Mt environment and its neighborhood.


Daily activities are organized in a military training program fashion according to the military tradition chosen by each group itself.


Situated between two bases there is a stage for Culture and Education activities and manifestations. 

Production team is also preparing several surprises in the context of combat action for all the participants

Each day and at the end of the week as well, the best competitors will receive great prizes of considerable value. There are more surprises from the production which are still in preparation. At the end of the competition, rich rewards are awaiting all of the combatants.

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